Digital Lode Immersive Media, Melbourne

Digital Lode is startup immersive media company based in Melbourne Australia.

We live and breathe immersive technology. We are VR evangelists and have banded together over our shared love of Stealth games like Metal Gear Solid and Splinter Cell. We are a core team of 10, 2 of which work remote.

Espire 1 VR Operative VR stealth game, Developed by Digital Lode

Our original IP is Espire 1: VR Operative; a made-for-VR Stealth title with a focus on player volition. We strive to offer players full freedom of movement within the VR world, without motion sickness. Espire is being published by Tripwire Interactive and was released on all major VR systems in 2019.

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Aside from our development efforts on Espire, LODE also does contract work in immersive media, primarily interactive VR and AR applications B2B.

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Studio 60 / Docklands Cotton Mills
91 Moreland St

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Espire Development Team

Espire 1: VR Operative is developed with the oversight of Tripwire Interactive.

Core Espire Team – Digital Lode

Michael Wentworth-Bell / Game Director, Game Design, Art, Programming

Nick Acciarito / Business Manager

Patrick Giang / 3D Artist, 3D Generalist, UE4 Generalist, Optimization – PC to Oculus Quest

Matthew Henderson / Tech Artist, 3D Generalist, UE4 Generalist, Optimization – PC to Oculus Quest

Alex Floate / Level Design, Game Design, Balancing

Alex Shedlock / Narrative Design, Game Design

Darren Wallace / Lead Concept Art, Lead 3D Artist

Alf Kuhlmann / 3d & Motion Graphics Artis

Shane Colbert / Programming – Core Game Mechanics, Voice Recognition Plugin

Khanh Dat Ho / Programming – Game Systems

Justin Hendrix Villegas: Programming – AI system

Josh Simons /Advisor

Richard Knight, Tim Brcan, Ben Brcan, David Johnstone /Business Development

For full team and credits, please check the Espire website