Side project – the ‘Last Guitar Hero’

Last Guitar Hero - Michael Wentworth-Bell

This is a short post about one of the most ambitious personal projects i’ve ever undertaken;
The Last Guitar Hero.

Last Guitar Hero is a short film, shot entirely in ‘first person’ perspective and in Stereoscopic 3D using 2 Cameras. It is an visual effects-heavy short film with computer generated characters & visual effects, all of which are composited in a completely stereo3D environment. I started work on this film as part of my final honours year project & spent 13 weeks in an attempt to start and complete the project, but unfortunately did not finish the film in time! I did, however, learn a great deal during these 13 weeks –
I learn’t a lot of what NOT to do on a Stereo3D job – and in that respect, it was a successful research project.

I have started a website for the Last Guitar Hero in order to track the production of this project, to share my thoughts and techniques, and to hopefully document the mistakes I make on the way! My plan with this personal project is to:

  • Create a short film that really pays homage to 2 of my favourite loves: Goldeneye n64 & Music
  • Create & working pipeline for Stereo3D visual effects using ‘standard’ affordable software (no Flame or NukeX allowed!)

I have received a lot of support from friends, classmates, mentors and workmates who have helped me work on the film so far, and I hope to finish the film in my spare time over the next year so I can thank them all, and show them what all the hard work was for!

I hope I can share some more good news about this project in the not too distant future!


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Michael Wentworth-Bell is a Melbourne-based 3D generalist and Motion Graphics artist. Michael started the Lode in 2012 as an online Portfolio and blog.

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