Adding 3D animation to Inspire 1 Drone Footage

I had a lot of fun at Reel Pictures working on a project shot on the Inspire 1 Drone. We added 3D animation to 4 aerial shots of a 3.5 acre subdivision in Gisborne, Australia.

The aerial footage was shot in 4k by Eye Of The Sky using their Inspire 1 drones. The footage turned out great and amazingly no Lens correction or rolling shutter removal was necessary to get a camera track. The drone’s camera is controlled independently of the drone itself and is locked on a Gimbal so there are no vibrations. Tt also has great auto-focus and auto-exposure.

After tracking the footage we made the estate come to life, adding the boundary lines, fences, structures, roads, trees and animals. This was a fun job and a good opportunity to test out the new Alembic playback-graph feature in 3ds Max 2016. Also made good use of the Animators Toolkit (ATK).

Portfolio item

You can read more about this project in my LODE portfolio.

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