3ds Max Sneak Peek: Populate User Example

Buchanan’s ‘Human Spring’ has now formally been announced. I am very lucky to have been able to work with Buchanan in creating the cover art for their debut album. I had a lot of fun creating this artwork which includes a crowd made up of over 300 protesters. A lot of time spent adding many little details.

You can see a preview of the finished artwork and secondary promotional artwork on Buchanan’s website and on their facebook page.

I have put together a video with a look at how the artwork for Human Spring was made. It’s a brief rundown of my workflow for this project and how new features in the visualisation software Autodesk 3ds max 2014 were used throughout the project.

This video covers how  the new ‘Populate’ feature in tandem with the Biped system to create a large crowd of protesters. also highlights the Nitrous Viewport performance improvements in a scene with over 400 unique animated objects, a look at the new ‘2D Pan and Zoom’ tool and the use of State Sets to render out sections of the ‘Populate’ crowd separately.

Have been impressed from the start with the pure creative force behind this album and the the people who have been involved in it’s production. I’m really looking forward to May 10th when it the music is finally released into the wild!

The band’s first single ‘Human Spring’ has just been released. The video clip is about to be revealed and the song is (at the time of writing) now available free on their website.

Very excited to see the artwork in the physical release, which I hear may include an LP pressing!

Hope to share a couple of behind the scenes images at a later date.



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