About Me – Michael Wentworth-Bell

I’m Michael Wentworth-Bell, a 3D Artist & Virtual Reality Designer based in Melbourne, Australia. I’m a passionate lover of all things Computer graphics and this website is dedicated to the work I do in the industry. During the week, I work on a variety of 3D animation projects at Reel Pictures Animation Studio Melbourne as a 3D Generalist. In my spare time I create 3D Art as a sole trader under the moniker “Digital Lode.

Virtual Reality

I’m a passionate Virtual Reality Evangelist and spend as many of my working & spare hours as I can delving into VR and developing my skills in this extremely exciting medium. I am extremely excited to see such a vibrant community building around Virtual Reality worldwide, with so many of the pioneers located in Melbourne. I’m always interested in connecting with more people passionate about VR, AR (In particular, Project Tango) MR and other exciting tech! You can read more about the VR Projects I work on here.

Beta Tester

I am dedicated to the many crucial tools of the 3D trade and put aside many hours into various beta programs for Autodesk, Adobe and 3rd party software plugin developers such as Joker Martini and Boomer Labs. It is extremely exciting to have a role in the development of new tools for the software I use every day.


I recently graduated from Swinburne University’s ‘Digital Media Design’ course where I was awarded 2011 Honours Student of the year AKA ‘Most Outstanding Honours Student’ by the Swinburne University & the Australian Institute of Graphic Design (AGDA). My first student 3D animation, ‘The Adventures of Rex Belfast’ was one of the 2 Australian finalists in the 2009 Autodesk Asia-Pacific Animation Competition, involving top students from 11 different countries.

My spare time is spent with my lovely wife, family and friends. I am huge fan of cycling and music. I play the Lapsteel Guitar in “The Gami Gami Devils” – a 6-piece Country band!




Digital Lode - Official Website

About the Digital Lode

“A rich supply or source.”

Founded on April 17, 2012, Digital Lode is my online website housing my portfolio of industry work, a collection of self-published video tutorials and my blog. Through the “LODE”, I am available as a freelance 3D Artist or as a Consultant. If you are interested in discussing a potential project, get in touch via my contact page.

You can learn more about the projects I have worked on by checking out the Digital Lode Portfolio. You can follow me & my work by subscribing to the Lode RSS feed or checking out the Digital Lode facebook page.

There are social media icons on the bottom left of each page that link to my various social media pages around the web.