Animated content for the 2015 Toyota Camry Launch

Reel Pictures recently created a number of animated sequences for the 2015 Toyota Camry Launch in late April. This is the last time a Toyota car will be manufactured locally in Australia and the launch ceremony was held at the Altona Manafacturing plant with over 3000 employees present. The launch celebrated the many different teams responsible for the production of a car, including Design, Powertrain, Resin, and Assembly.

We animated 9 different looping states that could be timed with the on-stage procession. There was also a large circular LED screen that masked the car. The different components would ‘fly’ from the rear screen ‘into’ the ‘pot’ (circular LED screen) which was cooking the car inside. The animations would sync across both screens and the on-stage calls.

Animation for the Toyota Camry Launch 2015

This was a great project to have been a part of and there is more information about the Launch and the state of the Australian Car manufacturing industry on the Age Newspaper website.

Animation for the Toyota Camry Launch 2015

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