Inspiration: RESET video game

Every now and then I like to share something i’ve found on the internet. Today it’s the debut trailer for an upcoming video game called ‘Reset’.

This trailer for the Reset video game has blown me away for a number of reasons:

  • Extremely high production values
  • Created by such a small team
  • Made primarily with the 3D software package, Blender
  • It’s a game engine! This is rendered at HD in real-time!


The team keeps a blog on their website. Their most recent entry to date covers their production pipeline in great detail, specifically focusing on their use of Blender. It’s very inspiring to see Blender used to create such high quality assets.

Their texturing process is particularily interesting; they create single textures for each material they need (one texture for stone, one for dirt, one for chrome, etc) and then hand paint ‘dirt maps’ for each object. The Dirt maps describe only where to mix a dirt texture with the original material texture. It’s a very smart and efficient way of working, and a workflow I will be adopting from now on!

I will be following this project and I encourage anyone that finds themselves relying on 3D software daily to take more notice of Blender, it has come a long, long way in the last 18 months!

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Michael Wentworth-Bell is a Melbourne-based 3D generalist and Motion Graphics artist. Michael started the Lode in 2012 as an online Portfolio and blog.

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