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Last updated: July 1st, 2015


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Digital Lode – Community Forums

Join me in some CG-related conversations around the web! Mailing list for people in the Creative / digital production industry. Australia and New Zeland. around 9,000 people on the list. When you subscribe to the mailing list and send out an email, everyone on the list will receive your mail. Very good resource!

The CGTALK Forums (CG Society) – I am user ‘MichaelWBell.’ Probably the best forum for people interested in Computer graphics. and it’s run out of Adelaide. Largest cg community. There are sections where people post inspirational work, ask questions, post industry news or questions about nearly any Graphics software.

Max Underground Forums – I am user ‘Michael Wentworth-Bell‘. Dedicated forum for 3ds Max visited by some of the best 3ds Max artists and developers in the industry.

Official Chaosgroup forums – I am user ‘MichaelWBell

Adobe Community Forums – I am user ‘MichaelWentworth-Bell‘ and post mainly in the After Effects & Photoshop forums.

The Area  (Autodesk M&E) – I am user ‘MWentworthBell.’ Forum for Autodesk Digital Media software

Autodesk Students Community – My student Profile

Motionographer – Currently taken down!

I’m also an active member of the Autodesk Beta community (3ds Max, Maya, Mudbox, Stingray, Inventor and more), and various other CG forums including Realflow (official & unofficial forum), official particle flow forum and the Animator’s Toolkit forum.



Here are some top Digital Artists  that have my respect. I consider these people the top artists in my industry, and all have inspired me at some point in my journey. Some I have never met in person, some I have had the pleasure of meeting and some I am lucky enough to collaborate with quite often!

Alf Kuhlmann
Mal Padgett
Meats Meier
Wayne Robson
Steven Murdoch – My first mentor who introduced me into the world of CGI. Steven has helped me tremendously over the course of my short career in 3D, helping set me up for my first industry placement & the APAC animation competition. Steven is an expert Maya user & instructor. His tutorials can be found on the Swinburne Website.
Dale DeSilva
Sam Van Ingen
Louis Kuhlmann
Leslie Baker
Alex Reeve

James Berrett
Jess Herrerasaurus
Kris Savoia
Jake Doherty
James Burnett
Ioanis Hristodoulou

A collection of My mentors, heroes, inspirations & animation resources on the web:
The Pod

Matthew Sleeth
Jen Rae

Learning / Tutorials /” target=”_blank” Many many free (and some paid) tutorials for nearly every multimedia software. At the very bottom of the page is the ‘tutsplus network’ list, with links to individual sites for photoshop, illustrator, after effects, dreamweaver, etc. Hundreds of tutorials for each software. Best site for learning After Effects around. Heaps of awesome tutorials and free downloads Really great site for multimedia tutorials. Most of it costs money though, but there are education discounts I think. University subjects and courses offered completely for free. Many fantastic design / media / comp science subjects. maybe the best website in the world 😛 Amazing resource for learning Flash, especially for Flash Games. Many tutorials and downloads of working games to learn with.


Resources / Downloads/ Free downloadable resources mainly for photoshop and illustrator. High res textures, photoshop brushes, vector art. Free very high resolution textures Very well organised library of high res images and textures. very handy. Search for vector symbols and shapes via their ‘noun’ or search by category Vector versions of many company logos Thousands of 3D models for use in any 3D software (blender, 3ds max, maya, etc). Just search for any item and sort by ‘price – lowest first’ for free ones. A 3D model site similar to Turbosquid. Though it’s library is not yet as comprehensive, You can often find quality 3D assets on for a lower price than Turbosquid. Cgtrader also has a far better royalty model for 3D artists, so you will typically find models on Cgtrader that are not available on turbosquid. Nearly all of the music on this site is available in some form of ‘creative commons’ licence, meaning it can be used in any production for free, usually you have to include the artist in the film’s credits Very similar to the above site for royalty free music Massive library of sound effects, most released as creative commons.


Software / Great software for creating 2D animation. Autodesk student site. Students with an education email address can download any autodesk software for free. Lots of other free services too. A free ‘digital sculpting’ software maintained by the company that makes ‘Zbrush’ Handy tool for writing scripts and planning a production. Many great photoshop scripts. Add many features and perform repetitive tasks for you. There are many other sites like this for all the adobe software.


Community / These guys are really into 3D scanning. Their blog and facebook page is always updated with awesome 3D scanning / printing examples One of the most famous motion gaphics artists in the world Great site and blog about After Effects Many famous title sequences from Feature films. Interviews, breakdowns and behind the scenes.


3ds Max Related Sites The definitive source of all things 3ds Max related. The #1 website for 3ds max plugins and scripts. Covers all versions of 3ds/3ds Max. Fantastic site. Great 3ds max resources and tutorials. Many fantastic scripts and plugins for 3ds max and other DCC software.


3d Character Animation Resources A monthly competition for 3D animation – animators submit an 11 second animation based on a monthly topic. Very inspirational to see what the animator’s entries are! 3D characters that you can download for free. These are fully rigged (ready to animate in 3DS Max) A massive database with thousands of motion capture files for free. Motion capture files are animations that you can put on any 3d character and tweak from there. fantastic resource for motion capture files. This French animator has collected and compiled motion capture files from over 5 massive libraries. This site often goes offline at certain times of the year though. You can check out the Trailers Park facebook  or use the Internet Archive ‘Wayback Machine’ for more info.

The animator’s survival guide

Available as a book, eBook or DVD set. One of the best resources around for all aspects of animation. Definitely recommended to somehow get this (you can get the book version on pdf too).


Thanks for checking out the links page, found here in the ‘Motherlode’. I try to update these links often. A much more comprehensive list of CG-related resources can be found here on Neil Blevins’ website. If you find any errors with the links I have included on my page, please do get in touch and let me know!