Cover Art – 23 Angles Of Attack

23 Angles of Attack - Cover image - by Michael Wentworth-Bell

Year: 2011 – Q2
Personal Project

‘What Else Do We Have To Say?’ was the first EP released by my band, 23 Angles of Attack. I created the artwork for the EP and was determined to start and finish the entire project in the space of a week. I decided to base the artwork on one key image, which would require an involved photoshoot. The image was to be an overhead shot of everything the band owned – including, of course, all of our favourite material possessions!

The planning for this shot had to account for the camera placement and lighting, as the room I would use was extremely dark! In order to get the shot I needed, the camera was going to have to be suspended from the ceiling of the building.

The final key-image used as the basis for all of the artwork.
This is a composite of many individual photos.

The camera was mounted on the roof of the studio, and linked to a laptop via a 5m long daisy-chain of USB cables! I used the EOS Utility on the laptop to setup a timelapse. The camera took over 1,200 photos for this photoshoot. I was then able to choose the best parts of many different photos and easily composite them together as one.

Here’s a video timelapse of some of the photos taken during the production process, including setting up the scene and posing for all the images needed!

After an 8hr long photo shoot (including setup, pizza break and packup) I was faced with the task of creating the actual artwork. I was creating artwork for a gatefold cardboard Single Cover, so I would need the front, back, inlay and CD Label.

The front and back of the EP (click image for larger preview)
 The Front and back cover of the maxi-single.

Here i comp’ed in all the main text in attempt to make it look like we really put paper text there! Because the image was tinted by one colour, it was easier to composite this text into the scene.

The main artwork on the inside of the CD Case (click image for larger preview)
The Inlay of the CD Artwork with the key image and liner notes.


Here’s a little list of just some of the items included in the picture above:

CD Label (click image for larger preview)
The Label Art. This was a single image which we took specifically for the CD label.
We tried to point our guitars to where the middle of the CD would sit.


Front Layout – Cloesup.

Note every version of Metal Gear Solid for Playstation, the Boss BE-5 effects pedal (older than me) and the Japanese Version of Mario Kart 64.

Closeup of the back cover with paper cutout text!

Over the course of this project I developed my skills in project management, taking an idea from concept to final-printed product in 7 days.
This CD cover artwork was completed as part of my series of weekly Design Experiments in 2011. You can read more about this specific experiment here.