6 Weekly Design Experiments

This is my collection of weekly design experiments undertaken during 6 weeks of my final honours year in the Bachelor of Design (Multimedia). Together, these experiments form Brief 01 of the subject HDMMD411 – Motion Graphics & Digital video, taught by Dale de Silva.
Each of these 6 experiments was completed in the space of 1 week, followed by a class presentation. Through these experiments I have developed my skills in Digital media from 3D matchmoving to Graphic Design, Toon Rendering to digital retouching.
I created a small micro-site for the final submission of all 6 experiments. I have now uploaded the micro-site to the Digital Lode archive, incase you would like to check it out! You can view each of the 6 experiments, including background information, progress breakdowns and the final output.

Load the mirco-site Site will load in a new browser window.