ALIVE – Album Artwork

Buchanan - Alive - Album Art by Michael Wentworth-Bell

Year: 2016 – Q3
Client: Buchanan 

I was commissioned to create the cover art for Buchanan’s first live album – “Alive“, released October 2016. An early version of the art for this live album originated as one of the many drafts for the “Pressure in an Empty Space” album.

The colour wash was art directed by frontman Josh Simons and is the complimentary colour – the inverse – of the Pressure in an Empty Space album cover.

I used a photogrammetry technique to create a 3D model of Josh’s head. It was my first attempt at Photogrammetry and the results were very bad, so I sculpted a 2nd 3D head in Zbrush, using the scan data as reference. The technique for creating the “Vacuum wrap” cloth is the same as for the “PIAES” Album.

I went through many experiments, iterations and tests throughout the creation of the ALIVE cover art. I recorded many of these and I will be updating this portfolio item shortly with some of the behind the scenes work that went into creating the cover.