Pushstart Battle of the Bands

Battle of the Bands Poster 2010

Year: 2010
Client: Moonee Valley City Council

I created this Battle of the bands poster design for the ‘PushStart’ battle of the bands event. This was the first time i’d ever used 3D generated artwork in a poster design. One of my very earliest paid jobs, this poster was commissioned by Moonee Valley City Council with help from ‘The Push’, a division of Freeza that organises the annual ‘PushStart’ battle of the bands.

A series of PushStart events are held in each of the main districts around Melbourne, with the final overall winning band or artist performing at ‘Pushover Festival’. I had really wanted to do a poster design with the help of 3D software, so I sketched out an idea, had it approved by the client and got to work!

Since this first job I have continued to make Battle of the Bands poster designs each year for various music competitions, councils and events. These are always fun projects to be a part of.

The artwork was created over the course of a few days and rendered for High resolution A-0 sized prints. I was happy with the final result and since it was the first time i’d used 3D graphics in a poster design, I was sure to get a copy of one of the printed A0’s as a keep-sake!