Candy Collect – Game & Watch

Year: 2009 – Q1
Client: Swinburne University of Technology

Presenting my first attempt at coding a flash game! This was created in the style of the classic Game & Watch games released by Nintendo in the 80’s and taking a bit of inspiration from the horrible ‘Tiger Handheld’ LCD games.

A great feature of Candy Collect was the variable difficulty level; every time the player successfully returns a bag of candy to his girlfriend the speed of the enemies & projectiles increases. As well as being my first completed flash game, the ‘console opening’ 3D introduction was also my first ever animated 3D object!

Not sure if anyone will ever find this page, but do let me know if you happen to get a nice high-score!

Play ‘Candy Collect’ Game will load in a new browser window. This game may not work corrrectly on mobile devices.