Experiment 091637

Experiment 091637 - Production Still

Year: 2005
Client: Personal Project

A Page dedicated to one of my early short films – ‘Experiment 091637’ – my final video production in secondary school.
Experiment 091637 was filmed and edited in 2005 as my final year 12 Media Project. It was shot with the Help of James Eynaud and featured music by ‘Red Savina’ | Michael Wentworth-Bell, Con Voglis, John Longley.

Experiment 091637 - Production Still

It Starred Paul Hughes as the Experiment 091637, Guerin Tueno as the evil Scientist, Stephen Eynaud & Tony Divine as the henchmen and Ian Lake as the street bum.

Experiment 091637 - Production Still

This project took around 2 months to complete and I recieved a lot of help from friends and family to get it done! Makeup was done by Angela Eynaud, The local butcher gave me a bunch of offcuts for the operation scene, John Longley and Con Voglis helped me write and record the sountrack, James Eynaud helped as second Camera & Assistant Director and my dad helped drive to locations, build the sets and shoot the behind the scenes footage.

Most importantly though, the actors dedicated many weekends to help my complete my silly highschool video, which I could not thank them enough for!

Experiment 091637 – the full film

The full film exactly as it was shot in 2005.

Experiment 091637 – Bonus Features

The video was released on DVD with a number of bonus features. I’ve now uploaded them all below.

Blooper Reel

Collection of outtakes and bloopers during production of the film.

Photo Gallery (Slideshow)

‘Photo Gallery’. A slideshow of production & Post Production stills shot over the course of the Experiment 091637 project. Shot by Ian Wentworth-Bell.

Inside the Recording Studio

A video tour of the recording studio as Michael, John and Con record the soundtrack for the film. Our first time playing together as a band and our first time trying to record anything.

Adventures of the Yellow Ball

Shot and narrated by James Eynaud when he should have been helping set up for one of the ACTUAL final scenes in the movie! Included for a bit of fun.