Fling Fest Film Festival

Year: 2011 – Q3
Client: Moonee Valley City Council

Poster design for the Moonee Valley ‘Fling Fest’ film festival; showcasing the best VCE student films of 2011 with other personal projects from young people in Moonee Valley. This project was completed remotely while I was overseas in Hong Kong.

The entire poster artwork was created at an A0 resolution and was used Photoshop ‘Smart Objects.’ This meant that the .psd edit file was around 3GB but I was able to share single assets across the poster & postcard designs. Massive time-saver! The Filmstrip title at the top was created completely digitally using Illustrator & Photoshop.

I scanned my ticket from Muse’s ‘The Resistance’ world tour for the artwork in this poster. I then photographed a bunch of popcorn that I had stepped on & put on a black piece of matte paper. Had a lot of fun with this job!