Ipad App Trailer – The Boy. The Bear. The Baron. The Bard.

Year: 2011 – Q4
Client: Swinburne University,
Gregory Rogers

A teaser trailer created to showcase a proposed storybook iPad application based Gregory Roger’s ‘The Boy. The Bear. The Baron. The Bard’ picture book.

The iPad application is currently in a prototype stage. My task was to produce this 90 second trailer for the Author to use as collateral for funding the iPad app with the book’s publisher.

I worked with a team of students from Swinburne University to design the storybook iPad application. I then Storyboarded, shot and animated the trailer using scanned illustrations from the original picture book.

The video footage was filmed with a Canon 550d camera and was edited with Adobe Premiere, Mocha, Audition & After Effects.