Kodak Administration Building

This 3D visualisation of the late Kodak Factory in Coburg North, Melbourne is my first ever 3D project. This was the submission project for my first 3D unit: 3D modelling, taught by Steven Murdoch at Swinburne University.
I created this model from scratch over a period of 6 weeks. I chose the Kodak Admin Office as my subject as it is a building of great interest to me. This building was the last relic on an empty 40 acre factory site, Kodak’s largest factory in the southern Hemisphere. The entire factory site was closed in 2005 resulting in the loss of over 800 jobs. Massive residential redevelopment was planned but the site stood empty until late 2011. I believe this is because there was large amounts of mercury and other chemicals still in the soil! all that remained on the site was the large Administration building, which after 3 years was in a state of extreme disrepair. It was planned to be integrated into the housing as a monument to the history of photography.
i wanted to recreate the Administration office as it was during it’s best times: the 80s.
I spent 2 weeks trying to obtain copies of the blueprints. Without any blueprints i collected as many reference photos of the building since the 1960s and set the world scale using google maps & the photoshop ‘measurement’ log!
The construction of this 3D building allowed me to learn & develop my skills in the entire 3D pipeline from modelling, texturing, lighting and rendering.

Soon after the project was finished, a large fire was started in the actual building that cause ‘irreparable’ damage. The building was then knocked down in late 2011. My 3D model of the site is something I hold very dear!