Misty Vale Estate – 3D Animated Real Estate

Year: 2015 – Q2
Clients: DPI Melbourne, RT Edgar, Eye of the Sky

An exciting project at Reel Pictures where I created a stylised 3D version of the future Misty Vale Estate in Gisborne, Victoria.

The brief was to bring the large 11-lot subdivision to life. Each lot was around 1.2ha in size and captured in 4K with the Eye of the Sky Inspire 1 drone. After tracking the footage we made the estate come to life, adding the boundary lines, fences, structures, roads, trees and animals for 4 shots in the promotional video.

3D Matchmove - Camera track of Real Estate

The footage turned out great and amazingly no Lens correction or rolling shutter removal was necessary to get a camera track.

At the time of shooting the subdivsion was completely bare but we were easily able to generate accurate 3D geometry of the land complete with texture information. This allowed us to place 3D objects on the surface and determine the boundry line/fence locations.

3ds max 2016 camera sequencer and Alembic were used in the project

This project was a great opportunity to test out the new Alembic Playback Graph feature in production.

We animated a single object (such as the small trees) popping out of the ground and then instanced the geometry and animation to over 200 other trees using the 3ds Max 2016 Alembic Playback Graph. The animations were instanced using the ATK (animator’s toolkit).

3ds max 2016 camera sequencer and Alembic were used in the project

I also loved using the new 3ds Max camera sequencer to cut the 3 main animation shots together after they had been camera tracked in Syntheyes.