Revenge of the Still-Life Bear

This is 1 in a series of 4 2D animations that were produced in my first year of my Digital Media Design degree. These 4 animations were produced in 2008 and are not representative of my current (and hopefully vastly improved) skillset. I wanted to include them on my site because I love these animations & had a lot of fun creating them, which I hope shows in the final products!

Revenge of the Still-Life Bear - Flash animation by Michael Wentworth-Bel

Year: 2008 – Q2
Client: Swinburne University of Technology

Revenge of the Still-Life Bear was one of my most enjoyable projects of 2008. It was an exercise in forward animation, where each frame was drawn one after the others, with very few keyframes.
The brief was very exciting. Our lecture composed a still-life scene on a small table in the middle of the classroom. There was an iron, a human skull, a box, shoe, a little toy grizzly bear and more. Have a look at the included workbook for a photograph of this scene.

The students were to sit at any angle of the still life we wanted, draw up a sketch of the scene, scan it into our computer and then use that as our initial frame in a metamorphosis animation. We were required to ‘morph’ the objects into at least 3 different things. It also had to be exactly 750 frames long (30 seconds).

It was a heap of fun!

The final animation is now included in the LODE archives. You can click the button below and it will open the animation in a new browser window.

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Please note that this animation was created in 2008, and you will need Adobe Flash to view it!

This animation was the first time I really had fun creating a ‘soundscape’. I spent hours adding heaps of sound effects to the animation to try and bring each morph to life. I also experimented with Code for the first time, creating a way to ‘rewind’ the entire animation and loop it continuously.
If you watch the animation through, try clicking the little green rewind button to see this in effect!

The archive entry for this project also includes some extra behind the scenes content. There is a .pdf of my workbook for this project. I tried to create a workbook for all of my animations & multimedia projects in Uni (and it was often a requirement).
This workbook contains a comprehensive overview of the whole project, including the brief, concepts, storyboards, inspiration, production workflow and more.


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