Battle of the Bands – 60’s Themed Poster Design

The main A3 Battle of the Bands Poster Design

Year: 2012
Clients: Moonee Valley City Council

A fun project in mid-2012 was a 60’s themed poster design for the Moonee Valley Freeza Battle of the Bands. The final main A3 Poster design is shown above. The client wanted a sixties style theme for the poster. I had a lot of fun putting this together in Photoshop and Illustrator.


I’ve included a few other digital copies of the various other print and digital mediums created for the event.

Battle of the Bands 60's Poster Design - A6 Flyer version
Condensed version for A6 flyer.


The Single-sided A6 flyer had to contain less text so it would still be legible at smaller size! Both the A6 flyer and A3 poster were used in the client’s digital campain via facebook, email and local music news portals.

Battle of the Bands 60's Poster Design - Lanyards for Staff and performing artists
Sample of Lanyards for Staff and Performing Artists.


Lanyards were requested very close to the event. They were created very quickly using the simple style established through the posters and flyers!


Battle of the Bands 60's Poster Design - Web banner designs
Banner designs for web use.

These 2 banners were made for the client’s website.


I had a bunch of fun working on this project. The final deliverables had to be completed within a tight turn-around. As with many event posters, the body copy text, especially the lineup, was tweaked and changed by the client multiple times in the lead-up to the event.

Because of these 2 factors, I had to develop a workflow that would allow me to make the swirly, bendy text, but easily and quickly make changes to the actual text. I created the text in Photoshop, converted the text to smart objects and used the ‘warp’ transform tool to shape the text as required.

I then had the freedom to edit my original smart object text without having to alter the warp. Finally, the text would be vectorised using Illustrator’s live trace feature so it would remain crisp at any resolution.

I found that this was a really handy and time-saving technique. I’ve put together a quick overview of this method and the workflow for the whole poster and will upload that here in a few days!