Step Off! 2012 Trailer

Year: 2012 – Q2
Client: Moonee Valley City Council

Promotional trailer created for Step Off! 2012 dance crew competition.

Step Off! is an annual dance event that has been running for almost 10 years. The competition is presented by Moonee Valley City Council and the event is the brainchild of Arna Singleton of Hollabak dance crew A.K.A Robotgirl. The past 3 years have been hosted at the Dallas Brooks Centre and pulled a crowd of over 2000 people who support over 30 dance crews competing for various titles.


I originally became a part of the Step Off! competition in late 2010 when I was hired by Arna Singleton – Step Off! Founder and event director –  to create the updated logo and branding which would be applied across many different mediums. This included standard Print materials such as Posters, Adshel (large signage shown at tram/bus shelters), flyers, real estate boards, etc. I was also required to design various apparel including Tshirts and jumpers to be worn by staff & performers, and to be sold at the event. I worked on the DVD design including packaging and the menu design. Various support materials were made for digital use (facebook, emails, etc).

I also created all visual support material for the event. This was shown on a 12 metre wide LED screen on-stage above the performers. Support material included animated crew titles, logos and sponsorship reels, biographies of each of the judges on the panel of 6 and prize information as the winners were announced.

Finally, I created the 90 second promotional trailer that was released on youtube in the leadup to the event. This contains footage from the previous year’s event intertwined with Motion graphics and 3D animation. The trailer was made in After Effects/Premiere and the 3D sections were animated in 3DS Max and rendered with Vray.