Swisse Ultivites – Timomatic

A series of TVCs produced with Powerhouse Productions & Reel Pictures for Swisse. This set of 4 commercials featured the Australian singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer & choreographer Timomatic. I was responsible for post-work on these Ads which included chroma keying, lights, lasers, atmosphere, Pack shots & Supers.

[AFX project 3D space gallery here]

Timomatic was filmed on a greenscreen set and the entire background was to be Added in post. Using the tracking markers I was able to recreate the entire set in 3D space. This way, I was able to place the laser & stage lights, atmospheric effects and lens flares in actual xyz coordinates. The animation of all of these elements was then consistent & correct as the Ads cut between close-up/roving & wide cameras.

[Greenscreen/final composite comparison here]

There were a lot of challenges on this project, the biggest one being the Chroma-keys. An actual laser/strobe light was lighting up Timoatic as he was shot on the greenscreen. This helped composite him in the scene, as his body was hit with strobing red, blue & Orange light. Unfortunately one of these colours was the exact same green colour as the background, so every 8 frames or so he would be hit by green light & then half of his body would be keyed out with the background! Repairing this required hand-painted Mattes for most frames which was done by Alf Kuhlmann. Despite the challenges, it was fun project to work on & I refined a lot of things in my After Effects Workflow!