The Short-fused Fag

This is 1 in a series of 4 2D animations that were produced in my first year of my Digital Media Design degree. These 4 animations were produced in 2008 and are not representative of my current (and hopefully vastly improved) skillset. I wanted to include them on my site because I love these animations & had a lot of fun creating them, which I hope shows in the final products!

The Short Fused Fag - 2D animation by Michael Wentworth-Bell

Year: 2008 – Q3
Client: Swinburne University of Technology

This short animation was my first attempt at LipSync – created as a component of my 2D animation subject. It was put together over a period of 6 weeks. My first few weeks were spent creating the concept, characters and script. I then recorded and edited the dialogue before finally creating the animation with lipsync.

This animation was created in the month that the state of Victoria changed its smoking laws – Cigarettes were no longer permitted inside Clubs and Bars…

The final animation is now included in the LODE archives. You can click the button below and it will open the animation in a new browser window.

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Please note that this animation was created in 2008, and you will need Adobe Flash to view it!

The animation featured the voice of John Longley, who voiced both characters. John is one of my oldest friends who has contributed voice, acting, music and more to many of my projects over the years.

The archive entry for this project also includes some extra behind the scenes content. There is a .pdf of my workbook for this project. I tried to create a workbook for all of my animations & multimedia projects in Uni (and it was often a requirement).
This workbook contains a comprehensive overview of the whole project, including the brief, concepts, storyboards, inspiration, production workflow and more.

This workbook also contains character sketches and rough character models that were created with blu-tak.


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