Web Accessibility Animation

Year: 2012 – Q1
Clients: Dale De Silva / OilTinMan

I was contracted by Dale De Silva to create a variety of 3D assets for “Web Accessibility”. Web Accessibility is a Government video created for the Department of Social Services – previously called the “Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs”.

This was a very fun project to be a part of! I was required to create a number of different assets and deliver them ready to animate and render.

I created a number of assets and supplied as shaded meshes ready to animate.

This involved creating motion graphics assets such as the Glass map of Australia.

One of a series of 3D scenes that I was required to assemble, ready for animation.

A number of different 3D scenes needed to be created.

I rigged a number of 3D models that were created by James Berrett.

I also rigged a number of human characters using CAT (3DS Max). The Characters were modelled by James Berrett.

Many devices are featured in the animation. I sourced these models from various websites and conformed them together - making them animation, modification and render-ready.

A number of devices were needed for the animation. Most of these were sourced from 3D asset sites in varying condition. I compiled these into a single scene ready for animation. Screens were texture mapped, geometry cleaned and consistent shaders were made.