Virtual Reality Design

Michael Wentworth-Bell

Virtual Reality Designer based in Melbourne, Australia

I am a passionate VR Designer with a creative focus on immersive, interactive, positionally-tracked VR experiences.

I have worked on a number of VR Projects since 2014 at Reel Pictures Animation Studio, as a sole trader {Digital Lode} and as personal collaborations with other VR/3D artists. I have been involved in projects from initial design, bidding, planning, documentation, production, deployment, testing, hardware & portability specs, installation, etc.

Espire 1 VR Stealth game - logo

I am the creator of Espire 1: VR Operative, a dedicated VR stealth experience for the HTC Vive and Oculus Touch. Players become drone operators of the future – embodying the first-of-its-kind Espire 1 remote controlled Operative and undertaking a series of infiltration missions.

Players perform every action intuitively using their hands and bodies. They complete missions aided by an array of Gadgets, items and weaponry that can only be realised in the immersive world of VR.

Find out more about my Espire 1 project at the official website.

I have worked in the 3D Animation industry since 2010. In April 2017, I founded Espire VR LTD, to continue development of Espire 1: VR Operative fulltime.Before then, I worked as a 3D Artist at Reel Pictures Animation Studio. REEL is located at the Docklands Cotton Mills Footscray.

My creative focus and work experience is in Real-time Interactive VR experiences.

Experiences that allow participants to move freely throughout a physical space and interact with the Virtual World using 3D-tracked peripherals. Over the past decade I have gained production experience with 3D content creation tools including Unity and Maya, and my main tools are Unreal Engine and 3DS Max.

Between 2014-2016 I produced the Reel Pictures Virtual Reality Diary series – a collection of videos documenting the projects we were working on in VR. The belove video gives a short overivew of one of our VR projects, “The Museum of the Hoddle Grid” – an immersive museum space in Melbourne, Australia.

I am always interested in chatting about VR and the endless possibilities VR offers. If you are in Melbourne or abroad and want to chat VR, do get in touch!

Digital Lode - Official Website

About the Digital Lode

Founded on April 17, 2012, Digital Lode specialises in Digital Media Design with a focus on 3D content creation. The LODE website includes the online folio of Michael Wentworth-Bell, showcasing some of his favourite commercial projects, tutorials and a collection of archived work from over the years working as a 3D generalist and motion graphics artist.

Michael works out of a studio in the Docklands Cotton Mills, Footscray. You can learn more about Michael and his work by checking out the Digital Lode Portfolio. You can follow Michael and his work by subscribing to the Lode RSS feed or checking out the Digital Lode facebook page.

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