Visiting Hong Kong

I’m Currently spending 2 weeks in Hong Kong and, as always, loving my time here!

Returning to Hong Kong in May 2014 with Ivy

My life journey is tied to Hong Kong in a very special way – it has been a turning point in studies, my career, and where I met the love of my life.

Autodesk Panorama competition – 2009

In 2009 myself and 2 friends entered the first ‘Autodesk Panorama‘ competition, creating a short 2 minute 3D animation in 3 and a half weeks to meet the deadline. We were extremely lucky to have been chosen as Australian finalists.

We were flown by Autodesk as Team Belfast with the other Australian finalist team to Hong Kong where we got to attend a 4 day intensive boot camp with other finalists – Students from 11 countries.

Group Shot of the Panorama Boot Camp entrants, organisers and mentors.

The boot camp was mediated and mentored by 4 industry professionals including Markus Kurtz from Rhythm and HughesDaniel Thompson from Rising Sun Pictures and Benjamin Huber from Industrial Light & Magic / Lucasfilms.

Meeting Ivy

After the competition, we decided to stay on in Hong Kong for an extra 5 days – it was the first time the 3 of us uni mates had ever been overseas. it was during this time that I met an acquaintance who became a pen-pal, friend, girlfriend, is now my fiance and next year will be my wife.

Visiting Hong Kong Disneyland with Ivy in 2011

The Panorama 2009 experience changed my life completely. I have since finished my Uni degree and am working in the 3D animation industry.With Ivy, i’ve continued to return to Hong Kong once a year, Staying around 1-6 weeks each time.  One of my recent trips to Hong Kong was shared with my sister and best mate James, and my parents have travelled to Hong Kong this time to spend time with Ivy’s family. It is the first time my father has left Australia!

'Bliss' - one of a series of mini-planet panoramas I have made while in Hong Kong

I absolutely love the bustling and extremely busy Hong kong. The people, the food, amazing transport and architecture of this insane mecha-city.

PMQ Artist Hub, Hong Kong

Also a big fan of the art community in Hong Kong. This trip, Ivy and I have visited the newly opened PMQ artist’s hub located in Central, Hong Kong.

'The PMQ Artist hub in Hong Kong

Still early days for the PMQ precinct, but it is a state of the art setup with some very interesting tenants and a  lot of great events planned later this year – i’m very annoyed that i’ll be missing out!

Art Basel Hong Kong 2014

We’ve also visited the Art Basel exhibition which was mind-blowing in its sheer scale. 2 absolutely massive exhibition spaces with thousands of artworks on display from all over the world.

Ivy and I at Art Basel Hong Kong 2014

Some very truly inspiring pieces amongst some of the more tame and conventional work. The best work was coming out of Beijing and Korea.

Local Industry

I am always trying to keep up-to-date with what the local HK studios are producing in the area of 3D animation, visualisation and broadcast. Particularly impressed with FATFace and Treehouse studio.

I’ve had a great 2 weeks in Hong Kong this year and look forward to returning in aroud a year’s time. To any HongKongers in the 3D Animation / Design industry, please do hit me up if you visit Melbourne, Australia sometime!

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Michael Wentworth-Bell is a Melbourne-based 3D generalist and Motion Graphics artist. Michael started the Lode in 2012 as an online Portfolio and blog.

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