W.I.W.O: Week 31 – Tony Robinson, Element3D and a Stereoscopic movie

Early this week Alf Kuhlmann received a DVD copy of recent hour-long documentary – Tony Robinson’s London Games Unearthed. The show looks at the history of East London – the site of the 2012 Olympic games. A few months ago, I worked for Alf on a few sequences for the Documentary.

Tony Robinson's London Games Unearthed - Zeus Sequence


We created a 3D statue of Zeus and animated the 13 metre statue in some live action sequences with Tony Robinson. We then had to make the Zeus model crumble into a pile of rubble. It was a lot of fun! This week was the first time we actually got to see how our sequences were used in the final documentary. I edited together just the sections featuring our Zeus model & made a new project page in my LODE portfolio about the project.

Tony Robinson's London Games Unearthed - Still Frame

This week I have been helping Alf a bit on a big product launch for Kubota. He is creating the animated content for a massive screen that will be on stage. We are using Element3D for the 90~ second sequence – this is the first time we’ve tried out the plugin and there have been many quirks and bugs, particularly when trying to create 3D models from Illustrator or Vector paths.
Video Copilot have just released an update for Element3D so we will install it on monday and hopefully that will address these issues. None of the bugs are show-stopping; the plugin is very powerful and we can find workarounds to get our final renders out, it just takes a lot of time at the moment trying to troubleshoot these glitches!

The remainder of my week has been spent working on the 3D stereoscopic animation for the VSEEC. This project is now in the final compositing stage and i’m hoping that this coming week will be the final week needed to get it completed. On Friday I watched almost the whole animation in 3D (for the first time!) and it is looking pretty good! Very excited to see the final result on the extremely crisp projectors at the actual museum.

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