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LodeVR is an immersive media video game company located in Melbourne.

We currently have a core team of 12, poised to take on three concurrent VR/MR game projects over the coming 18 months.

We have shipped two very successful stealth shooter games, ‘Espire 1’ a few years back and its sequel ‘Espire 2’ in November 2022, and now we are working on our next project. So it’s a cool time for us!

Our mantra is pure and simple - create “Unforgettable immersive player experiences”.

If you are curious about how a VR/MR dedicated studio innovates and grows, feel free to contact us, apply for one of our roles or attend one of our Open Studio Days.

Latest Release:

Our work:

Humanoid Drone Stands with weapon at the ready, Espire 2 displays over head.

Espire 2

Next generation VR Stealth

Experience unparalleled stealth action in two unique story campaigns with Espire 2, a full-fledged VR first person shooter on Meta Quest 2! After intel from an anonymous whistleblower reveals the terrorist cell OPHIS’ plot for global domination, Espire Operative Poe once again finds themselves at the center of the Espire program. With the entire world hanging in the balance, it’s up to Poe and their Espire frames to dismantle OPHIS from the inside.

Riparian Project

The Riparian Project

This 3D animation was created to detail The Riparian Project’s goal of shifting grazing practices to improve river health.

Envisioned as a looping continuous video without edits, it shows the negative effect livestock cause to rivers and the knock-on effect this has on the entire ecology downstream and in the surrounding environment.

This was installed at the Yea Y Water Discovery Centre where it will loop continuously:

You can find out more about the Riparian Project here:

Espire 1 title infront of humanoid drone holding pistol

Espire 1: VR Operative

VR stealth like never before

Our original IP is Espire 1: VR Operative; a made-for-VR Stealth title with a focus on player volition. We strive to offer players full freedom of movement within the VR world, without motion sickness. Espire is being published by Tripwire Interactive and was released on all major VR systems in 2019.

Control Theatre Update - Killing Floor: incursion

Our control theatre update

Digital Lode has been responsible for implementing and maintaining our anti-motion sickness system (the control theatre). The update to Killing Floor: incursion meant that players could use freemove with out the risk of motion sickness.
We also provided the Free-move locomotion system, QA and More.

Geelong Tech VR Escape Room

Geelong STEM students reach for the stars

Faced with impending disaster, onboarding Geelong tech students are tasked with defending the ship from asteroids, solving puzzles and working as a team to beat the clock in an fun filled interstellar VR experience. Helm the bridge of the international tech school space station in Virtual reality. Scheduled for launch early 2021.

VR Control theatre

VR locomotion system

Espire 1's control theatre is an innovative location system designed specifically for VR, allowing players full freedom of movement within their virtual environment. Walking, running, climbing, and falling with comfort and no motion sickness for almost all players.

Museum of the Hoddle Grid

an immersive museum space in Melbourne, Australia.

Between 2014 and 2016 Digital Lode in partnership with Reel Pictures worked on a VR/Mixed Reality experience project for "The Museum of the Hoddle Grid”. An immersive museum space in Melbourne, Australia. The app allows you to view and interact with CAD data in Virtual Reality. The models sit on a virtual tabletop at user-specified scale. You can view these scale models from any angle and isolate specific areas.

IPA Tradeshow Experience

The Institute of Public Accountants VR experiance

Digital Lode partnered with Reel Pictures to create a thrilling “Save the Koala” ‘Virtual Reality experience for the Institute of Public Accountants booth at the 2018 World Congress of Accountants. Over the course of 3 days, visitors lined up to ‘walk the plank’ attempting to save a Koala above the Sydney Harbour bridge. The VR experience used hand tracking technology and visitors could physically reach out and grab the Koala on the side of a girder, bringing it back to safety.

BASF: 3D Visualisation

Design and modeling photo-real chemicals

Digital Lode worked with Green Team Australia to create computer generated microscopic artwork of a mining chemical for use in a BASF print campaign. BASF chemicals used in ground stabilization on mining sites were modeled to be photo-real replications suitable for printing at ultra high resolutions.

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